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AVX can bring the convenience and comfort of integrated technology to your fingertips, whether it’s a suburban family dwelling or a swanky high-rise condo, converting your personal space into a modern smart home. And drawing on our sister company’s extensive commercial background, we are also capable of delivering the same high-tech ease to the workplace. We can tailor and install projects in the following markets:


The Smart Home – Technology is only as good as its application, and with the movement to seamlessly integrated solutions, your life is about to get easier and more comfortable. Press just a few buttons on user-friendly touch screens, keypads or even your mobile devices to dim the lights, lower the shades, and select the perfect song or your favorite movie on a flat-panel display or state-of-the-art projection system. Then just sit back and relax—the best technologies are those you hardly notice while you enjoy your life. Please click on the following images for additional information:

Luxury Estates

.Modern Apartment overlooking the Bay in Miami.Single Family Home

Commercial & Institutional

Advanced Business – Business is all about efficiency, and when you’re able to access all you need electronically from your main office, it’s at its peak. Conduct an international videoconference, update your digital signage and book an open conference room all from the center of technology at your desk. And regardless of your business, thinking green is a benefit in today’s world—both for the planet and the bottom line. Monitor your on-site carbon footprint, add room sensors to maximize natural light usage, and preset shades and climate control systems to save energy costs. Keep your organization on the forefront of technology with AVX.

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