Tech Solutions

AVX features some of the most advanced technology solutions on the market today. We work with everything from audio / video applications to automated window coverings, and we integrate and customize entire systems to match your needs and desires. Continue reading to learn more about how we can transform your space.

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 The Ultimate Technology Experience

Comfort   —   Convenience      Ease of Use      Flexible Control of Your Space

Additional Benefits

  • Ambiance and Décor – Not only will your personal and work spaces always have the look and feel you want physically, but even the devices used to control your environment are sleek and appealing.
  • Enhanced Energy Efficiency – The combination of motorized shades, automated lighting and climate control provides you with the ability to reduce wasted energy but keep your house well-lit and the correct temperature without sacrificing comfort. Preset each system to take advantage of changes in daylight, ambient temperature and season.
  • Privacy – Motorized shades allow you to make sure your window coverings lower automatically before bedtime, showers or trips out of town.
  • Reduced Wall Clutter – With everything integrated into simple, inclusive panels, keypads and touchscreens, the abundance of wall switches, thermostats, dimmers and fan controls simply disappear.