Controllers / User Interfaces

Controllers, or user interfaces, are the forward-facing devices that enable you to interact with your system and tell it what to do.  They come in several different forms: keypads, handheld remotes, touchscreens and mobile devices.  Each device can be assigned its own function or share the functionality with other devices.  AVX will help recommend the optimal device for you and customize it based upon you and your specific application.

C2NI-CB_BLACK copyKeypads are mounted physically to walls and can control any number of pre-programmed systems, from one lighting device to a whole room of the house.


tpmc-3x rev2Handheld remotes work in similar fashion to keypads except they are portable and can often interact with TV screens to bring up advanced menus for more control.


TPS-6X-WHITE_RT-FACE_BEAUTY Rev2Touchscreens are more sophisticated and can show a customized display that matches your needs and your precise systems. They can also display feeds from other sources, like the internet and surveillance cameras.



Mobile devices represent the newest, most convenient option for automation control, displaying a wide range of selections on smart phones and tablets, inside the home and remotely.