Smart Homes & Control Systems



What They Do

To put it simply, this is the brain of a homes technology system.  They are used to join all systems so that they may communicate with one another.  AVX custom tailors the control system to make your life easier, more comfortable and more enjoyable. We put control in your hands, both in the moment and through preset functions and settings, so that the lighting, the blinds and the HVAC are always working together and providing exactly what you want and need. The TV, the music, the speakers, the home theater and the media library all function as one integrated system because that’s how they’re designed and installed. Basically, everything is in its right place and functioning to make your living and working environment perfect.

How They Work

There are two basic types of systems—hardwired and wireless, though some systems use a combination of the two. Hardwired systems are more reliable and easier to install into new construction, whereas wireless are easier to retrofit into existing buildings and are becoming more sophisticated and popular all the time.

A couple simple taps on a touchscreen or handheld device sends a signal to a central control processor. This processor feeds all of the various controls and systems—security, A/V, windows, lighting, etc.—and each system adjusts accordingly. Increasingly, these systems can interface with mobile devices like iPhones and tablets, inside the house and remotely, for even more convenience and control.