Security Systems

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APS Security Systems, serves as a sister company to AVX, The Audio Video Experts.  Founded by the del Pino family over 20 years ago, APS works hand-in-hand with AVX for more advanced security applications.  Below we’ve included additional information on APS Security Systems.  To visit APS’s website, simply click the logo to the right.

Since 1992, APS Security Systems has been serving South Florida and now Puerto Rico, delivering high quality security systems and monitoring service to residential, commercial, and government accounts.

When established, APS mostly served the residential security market; the Company’s Principals shifted the sales focus to the commercial market in 1998. Starting late in 1999, the company made a series of moves to position itself as one of South Florida’s leading providers of electronic security products and services. The reason for these changes was to rank APS as a premier presence in the ever-growing Industrial Security Systems market. This market, also known as the Integrated Security market, involves an engineering/technology based approach to systems design, sales and implementation