Project Completion

The final portion of a project includes commissioning, testing and training.  Once all systems are thoroughly tuned and tested, we begin the process of turning over the completed system to the home owner.  In doing so, we conduct a training with our client on the use of their new system.  Concurrently, a complete set of as-built documentation and programming source code is delivered at final sign-off.  Opting for one of our annual maintenance agreements, the client can ensure that the investment they’ve made into their home or business is well protected and serviced for life with accuracy and diligence.

1. Systems Software (source code)

  • Upload systems software for all connected systems
  • Debug and test all systems software

2. Quality Control

  • Test installed equipment for operational and functional accuracy
  • Verify all cables and wires have been terminated and connected properly
  • Verify customer expectations have been satisfied

3. Customer Training

  • Overview of major systems implemented
  • Operating instructions for each device and system
  • Explanation of common issues
    • Service providers (internet / cable / phone) accessing AVX/APS systems
    • Electrical / power (lighting strikes, power spikes, etc.)
    • Service interruptions (internet / cable / phone) relative to AVX/APS systems

4Documentationprovide the following:

  • All major owner’s manuals
  • Systems documentation

5. Service and Support

  • Review included warranties and any additional (post-sales) services
  • Provide point-of-contact information for future AVX/APS services and support
  • Explain additional service and support options