System Design

We put our engineering team to work to define all aspects of the project.  Now that pertinent information has been gathered, a detailed proposal can be developed in accordance to these plans.  An extensive set of drawings are created that show graphically where all hardware and pre-wire drops will be located our client is then delivered this information for review and annotation.

1. Scope of Work and Budget are Confirmed

  • Overview of all systems to be implemented
  • Feature / Functionality of the system
  • Special considerations noted
  • Budget finalized and documented
  • Confirm project timeline

2. Create System Design (V.1)

  • Device location drawing(s) for all disciplines
  • Pre-wire drawing(s) for all disciplines
  • Detailed bill of materials for all hardware items required
  • Summary of all labor and services required
  • Detailed scope of work for all disciplines
  • Price Quote, all inclusive

3. Systems Programming and User Interface(s) Graphics/Design

  • Generate scope of work for systems programming
  • Establish individual user interface functionality
  • Deliver sample graphics and design/layout of user interfaces
  • Create projected keypad layout and functionality

4. Client Responsibility with AVX

  • Review project design documentation and details
    • System design
    • Programming scope of work
    • User interface(s) graphics and design
    • Projected keypad layout and functionality
    • Approve system design, programming and graphics/design:   YesorNo
      • No – modify system design (additional design fee may apply)
      • Yes – sign contract and submit Rough-In payment